Our Story

Have you ever been to a great bakery filled with beautiful cakes, pies and pastries when all you wanted was a cookie? The scent of freshly baked goodies hits you as you walk in the door and everything is so perfectly displayed and there they are, the cookies. They look so fresh and are described as heaven. You can’t wait to bite into one and when you do, the disappointment sets in, as you don’t taste anything special. It’s as if they were an afterthought. That has happened too many times and that is why Momma and Them got busy and opened up a shop for the love of cookies.

The first thing you may notice is the size of our cookies. Each cookie starts out with 4 ounces, that’s right one quarter pound of fresh dough. All are made to order in small batches from the freshest ingredients. Some folks say they had to be that big to contain so much deliciousness. It’s the perfect size to share with someone special or once you take that first bite, you may go out on the porch and enjoy by yourself. We bake cookies that explode with flavor and actually taste like they should.