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Y'all Batch Half Dozen

Y'all Batch Half Dozen

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Some say they are happy being single and that's fine. Momma, being the pushy match maker, thinks you should mingle. Now you can mingle with Momma and Them. This batch of cookies contains one of each of the six classic cookies. It includes one each of Aunt Loveys Sugar, Peanut Butter Goober, Chucklate chip, Fudgy Duddy Brownie, Oatmeal rum raisin and Oatmomma oatmeal chocolate chip, walnut and coconut. If this assortment made you any happier, you'd be twins. Speaking of twins, why not order the All Y'all Batch 12 pack which contains two each of her 6 classic flavors. You might want to hide the extra cookie in the freezer, just saying.

Please let us know if you have a special request or want to eliminate a flavor. When checking out there is a note section, please add your request and Momma will let you know if there is a problem.

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